A suite of four etchings made with two metal plates, embossing and hand-coloring. This suite of four is in an edition of 200 with 20 artist proofs.  Note that each is hand-colored and the images will vary slightly.

Available as a suite of four at $600 each or individually at $675.  Suite of 4 flyer

Below the first group of four are unique etchings made from the same plates but colored differently from the editioned group.  $675. each.

Images are 13 3/4 x 13 3/4 and paper is 23 x 22 1/2 inches

Here's an 8 minute video of how these etchings are printed. This is a 14th Century method for making artworks on paper. What a grand, time-consuming process. I'm with Mark Lunning, the master printer and owner of Open Press Ltd, Denver. Mark is inking and printing two color plates with a Chine Colle (colored mulberry paper) added to the process. The result is a three-color landscape print with heavy embossing.


Eight minute video of these etchings being made.    click to enlarge



Suite of four limited edition etchings, $600 each:

Ken Elliott etching "Yellow Catching the Light"  13 3/4 inches square
Yellow Catching the Light
Ken Elliott etching "Yellow Warming to Red"  13 3/4 inches square
Yellow Warming to Red

Ken Elliott etching "Green and Yellow Contrasts"  13 3/4 inches square
Green and Yellow Contrasts
Ken Elliott etching " Light Coming Through"  13 3/4 inches square
Light Coming Through


Uniquely hand-colored etchings from two plates, $675. each:
Ken Elliott etching "Purple and the Light"  13 3/4 inches square
Purple and the Light

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