For an additional charge, artworks can be framed and shipped to your address. 
All frames are made and shipped by the artist to archival specifications. Frames are interchangeable.  Hardwood frame in numerous finishes are also available.  Click on photos to enlarge.  Please call
303-995-1611 or email for individual quotes.

Framed oil
Pure 23k gold 'floater' frame.  Also called a baguette.  This is a well-used classic design that elegantly surrounds the canvas without additional decoration. (Also available in silver/bright white gold)


The canvas is seemingly suspended inside the frame with the canvas edge painted  dark brown to highlight the effect.  This frame adds an additional two inches to the overall outside size of the stretched canvas.


Framed giclee print
Gold 'rooftop' frame with black sides.  Artwork is floated over linen.  Framed with archival backings and ultraviolet blocking glass.  Bright and antique silver versions are also available.  Giclee prints can be floated or over-matted.

Framed pastel
Antique silver frame with double-bevel linen over-mat mat and archival mat board showing next to artwork.  Framed with archival backings and ultraviolet blocking glass. Antique gold version is also available.  Pastels cannot be floated, but must be over-matted.


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