How monotypes and monoprints are made
My monotypes (sometimes called monoprints) are unique images.  I typically paint directly onto two plexiglass plates and glue a white or cream toned mulberry paper on top of the print paper.  The addition of the second, toned paper is called chine colle.  This particular print was made with Mark Lunning's good assistance at his Open Press Ltd. facilities in Denver, Colorado.

For more information regarding these monotype landscapes, please view the gallery list, go to the order page  or email Ken.

Exhibit at the Colorado Springs
Contemporary Arts Center, 2004.


Chine colle process
Ken often adds a chine colle (typically meaning a mulberry paper glued to another paper) to the print paper.   Mark Lunning is dusting the dampened mulberry paper with wheat paste.

Mark is gently placing the chine colle paper
over the first yellow-inked plate. When the print is run through the press, the wheat paste glues the chine colle to the larger printing paper in the photo below.

The inked plate and the white colle paper will be run through the press, underneath the larger, cream-colored etching paper.  The final effect produces an image printed onto the colle paper, subsequently glued down by the wheat paste, moisture, and pressure of the press.  The chine colle makes  the white area on the etching paper in the photo to the right.

In this photo, you can see Mark holding the large cream print paper, the yellow ink transferred from the first plate, and the smaller, white colle paper that received the ink, underneath the image.

Mark is positioning the second plate in exactly the same spot on the press bed as the previous yellow plate.  The print paper has been locked into position under the press rollers.

The final print

The second plate has been run through the press, transferring the inks over the colle and yellow tones
from the first plate.

This final print required Ken painting directly onto two plates, a chine colle, two passes through the press, and some additional painting directly on the finished print while still wet.

Image: 16 7/8 x 13 5/8 inches, BFK cream paper:
26 1/2 x 22 3/8    $900.

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