Ken discusses his oil on canvas,
Forest Sequence, 60 x 60 inches.

Ken discusses his oil on canvas,
Forest Sequence I on two 48 x 60 inch canvases.

Here's a peek into Ken's Making it Fine Art Workshops. What makes it fine art? Take a look at some of the classes.

6.5 minutes



Ken explains what is behind his 24 x 24 inch oil on panel, Green Dream and the small details that brought it to life.

2 minutes

Ken talks about his 48 x 72 inch oil, Brightly Lit Woods. This is a high-key color painting in red and yellow with some interesting challenges to be solved.

2 minutes

Ken describes how the 4' x 5' oil, At the Ponds Edge, Emerging Spring evolved. This work took about a year to make as it went through a number of changes.

2 minutes



Ken discusses Blue Skyscape,
a 3 x 5 foot oil. He describes what makes this predominately blue sunset a success without the usual sunset effects and offers a strategy to keep this large painting compelling in all directions.

2 minutes


Ken describes how he transformed an existing oil into a better one by reducing the number of elements in the painting. This is a 48 x 36 inch oil on canvas, Light Effects.

4 minutes


Ken discusses his recent oil painting, Winters Morning. This oil was created by painting over a previous  oil.

4.5 minutes  


Ken in his Colorado studio working in oil and pastel.

22 minutes

Video credit: Tammy Brislin Productions

Video of Ken discussing Forest Light into Shade, 48 x 48 inches

3 minutes

Video of Ken creating a 40 x 40 inch oil on canvas from start to finish.

Narrating as he paints, Ken describes his methods as the painting develops.

Video credit:
Marianne Pestana Media Services

3 minutes



Ken working on etchings with the master printer Mark Lunning at Open Press, Denver.

eight minutes




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